Welcome to the Automatic Payment Center

This is where you can schedule automatic monthly payments to your Merrill Lynch® or Bank of America ® credit card and unsecured line of credit from any checking, savings or money market account. You'll save time, checks and postage with this free service. Plus, scheduling is easy and you can change or cancel at any time. Simply use our one-time set-up process, and payments will automatically be made for you every month.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule payments

    Take a minute to schedule full or minimum payments to occur on your monthly payment due date.

  2. Make your next payment(s)

    Since it can take up to 2 statement cycles for automatic payments to take effect, it's important to make any payments that are due in the interim, as you normally would until you see Auto Pay Active appear on your statement (see step 3 below for details).

  3. Check your statement

    Once automatic payments have been activated, you will see Auto Pay Active in the “Account Summary” section and the “Payment Coupon” section on your statement.

You will need the following information to schedule automatic payments:

  • Credit card or unsecured line of credit account number that you would like to have paid
  • Account number for the account you will use to make your automatic payments
  • ABA routing number for the account you will use to make your automatic payments